The Benefits of Persistent Prayer - Part 2

Strength to Keep Going

When you cultivate the daily presence of Jesus in your life through persistent prayer, He will move into your difficulties and offer sympathy, guidance, encouragement and conviction. He will tell you of the heavenly life He’s preparing for you, and of the deep things of God that await you.

It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him (Daniel 2:22).

The Atmosphere of Heaven

What strength will come to you from His companionship. What power will go out from Him to enable you to tackle any obstacle or difficulty victoriously.

What peace His presence will bring, and what glorious holiness, too. You will be spiritually-minded, discerning and radiant.


The sin that binds you today will be arrested in His presence. Do past failures have a stranglehold on you? Through persistent prayer, that stranglehold will be removed, freeing you from bad memories and nagging fears.


Time alone in God’s presence produces a hushing of the anger, irritation and selfishness that so often push their way into your heart.

These benefits and more are yours when you learn to enter into the secret place with God. Don’t let anyone mislead you, however. No one enjoys a constant mountaintop experience with God. And there is no need to inhabit a rarefied spiritual atmosphere attained by only a few “superhuman” souls.

Consider the Father’s heart. Nothing delights Him more than intimacy with you. When you claim that such an intimacy is beyond you, you’re forgetting that He desires it more than you do! And He sacrificed His only Son to make it possible. Today He eagerly waits to meet with you behind closed doors.

Is there a mountain in your way today? Would you like to move it? Remember nothing is impossible with God! Try a little mountain moving, and you’ll embark on the greatest adventure of your life.

Originally published in “Come Up Higher” newsletter volume 3, number 6 June 1997

This series on persistent prayer will continue weekly for the next few weeks.