Fanning the Flames of Revival: Testing for Authenticity

Is true revival taking place in me?

To answer this question, look beyond physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power. Look for tangible changes in the atmosphere of your spiritual life. Interestingly, those changes have counterparts in the physical world. I’ll show you what I mean in just a moment.  But first, consider how the earth’s unique atmosphere supports life on this planet.

  • It stores the building blocks of life—things like oxygen, water and carbon dioxide
  • It presses on the earth
  • It transmits sound
  • It reflects light

Just as God designed a physical atmosphere to support physical life, He also designed a spiritual atmosphere to support spiritual life. It, too, sustains life, presses in on us, and transmits sound and light.

Because revival purifies the spiritual atmosphere, it also enhances these life-sustaining properties. So if God is reviving your spirit, expect to see at least three results:

Greater Power to Live in an Anti-God World

Scientists tell us it is impossible for spiders to live in water, and yet the water spider survives by storing air globules in its underwater nest. These portable oxygen tanks enable the water spider to “breathe” underwater as needed.

Revival is like one giant air globule; it creates a healthy spiritual atmosphere—one that nourishes and sustains life. By importing that “air supply” into the worldly atmosphere in which we live, we are empowered to do things beyond our natural abilities. 

How has God enabled you to “breathe under water” recently?


More of Jesus: Less of “Self”

The weight of the atmosphere presses upon the earth with a force of about 15 pounds per square inch. In the spiritual realm, the Spirit of God presses on us to squeeze out “self” and make more room for Jesus. As we yield to His pressure, Christ is able to manifest more of His life through us.

During times of revival, the spiritual atmosphere is especially heavy, which intensifies the “pressing” action of the Holy Spirit.

What is God trying to squeeze out of you right now?

Better Hearing

The atmosphere is the transmitter of all sound. Without it, we could not communicate verbally. How true this is in the spiritual realm as well. When we are “in the Spirit,” the Lord is able to “transmit” His presence, His voice and His blessings to us.

An atmosphere of revival magnifies this transmission. If your spiritual hearing is poor, it will improve greatly. If you’ve always been open to the voice of God, you will receive fresh revelation.

What are you hearing from God lately? Does He seem to be speaking more loudly or clearly than ever before?

Brighter Light and Glory

Just as our earthly atmosphere reflects the light of the sun, our spiritual atmosphere reflects the light of God’s Son. Speaking of the Holy Spirit, Jesus says, “He shall receive of mine and show it unto you” (John 16:14 KJV). The word “show” or “manifest” is “anangello”. It signifies repetition and intensity. It means to punctuate in detail.

During times of revival, the Holy Spirit punctuates Christ’s glory, reflects it, and reveals it in more intense ways, bringing deep repentance over sin and mighty deliverance and freedom in His presence.

In what area(s) have you felt the need to confess sin and repent lately?

From what has God liberated you?

Originally published in the March 1998 issue of Reaching Higher